iOS in the classroom: Using iPad, iPod, & iPhone for learning.

  • Bring an iPad, iPod, or iPhone to the workshop.

Useful tips and tricks.Open the iBooks app and download the iPad user Guide

  1. Get Organized: Press and hold an icon until it wiggles. Drag the icon on top of another app icon to place them both in a folder.
  2. View most recently used apps:double click the home key, swipe from left to right and you can access iPod controls and screen orientation.
  3. Caps lock: double tap the shift key
  4. Need foreign characters: hold the letter down to access accent marks, umlauts etc.
  5. Save a shortcut to your favorite web site and your home screen: open a web page tap the + sign and select Add to Home Screen
  6. Quickly scroll to the top of a long web page: tap the status bar at the top of the screen to jump back to the beginning of the web page without scrolling up.Great Apps for Education, Learning, Productivity,

eBooks, Note Taking, and Creativity

  1. Note Taker HD Software Garden Productivity
  2. Notes Plus - Handwriting, Note Taking, Shape Drawing, and Sound Recording
  3. Evernote Evernote Productivity
  4. Pages Apple® Productivity
  5. Keynote Apple® Productivity
  6. Numbers Apple® Productivity
  7. Dragon Dictation Nuance Communications Business
  8. GarageBand Apple® Music
  9. ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint and edit photo Lucky Clan Photography
  10. iMovie Apple® Photography
  11. Scan QR Code City Utilities
  12. Skype for iPad Skype Software S.a.r.l Social Networking
  13. Dropbox Dropbox Productivity
  14. Google Earth Google Travel
  15. forScore MGS Development Music
  16. World Atlas HD National Geographic Society Reference
  17. Great free apps by McGraw Hill - most are elementary Math
  18. Apps from Pearson Education
  19. Sketchpad Explorer KCP Technologies, Inc. Education
  20. OverDrive Media Console – Library eBooks and Audiobooks OverDrive, Inc. Books
  21. StoryKit ICDL Foundation Education
  22. Word Magic Anusen Inc Education
  23. Math Magic Anusen Inc Education
  24. Futaba - Word Games for Kids INKids Education
  25. Leafsnap For iPad Columbia University, University of Maryland, and Smithsonian Institution Education
  26. WolframAlpha Wolfram Alpha LLC Reference
  27. Splash Math - 3rd grade summer math workbook HD StudyPad, Inc. Education
  28. Splash Math - 2nd grade summer math workbook HD StudyPad, Inc. Education
  29. Math Bingo Education
  30. 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool Invitrogen Corporation Education
  31. Evernote Peek Evernote Education
  32. gFlashPro - Flashcards & Tests gWhiz, LLC Education
  33. PBS KIDS Video for iPad PBS KIDS Education
  34. PBS for iPad PBS Entertainment
  35. SUPER WHY! for iPad PBS KIDS Games
  36. More Apps for PBS
  37. ScreenChomp TechSmith Corporation Education

Using Flash Web sites

The apps below will let you use flash web sites.
  1. Rover
  2. Puffin


If you have the same app on more than one device, iCloud can automatically keep your documents up to date across all your devices. So you don't have to.
Helpful settings for accessibility

Go to setting>general >accessibility

Learn more
Accessibility Solutions

Assistive apps

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iOS in Education

=eBooks from Public Libraries=
Mason Library ebooks

Mason Public Library (and Cincinnati Public Library) use your card number as your username and the last four digits of your phone number as the password.

Search for ebook From Other Public Libraries

Ohio eBook Project FAQ

Video Tutorials

Overdrive Media Console

Use the Overdrive apps to enjoy eBooks and Audio books from the Public Library on mobile devices and computers.
Book Readers and Stores

Google Books

Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide usingGoogle Book Search. Discover a new favorite or unearth an old classic.

Kindle Books

Looking for your next great ebook? Over one million ebooks, free ebooks, newspapers, magazines, and blogs available in under 60 seconds.


iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books on your iOS device. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling books.

Understand how to share and manage files

* Access files at work, home, and on your smart phone
  • Share documents
  • Create Office documents on the iPad with SkyDrive web apps. Yes! It’s true! You can create, open and save Word PowerPoint and Excel documents on the iPad.

iOS web sites

Courses and Helpful Apps - Use These as Idea Starters, Personal Professional Development, Differentiation, Lessons,Enhancing Your Teaching, etc
Challenge Based Learning - Watch this video as an example of an approach you can use in your classroom

Appitic - This is the source for the Challenge Based Learning Example
Appitic has many great resources and is a terrific place to start. It has apps organized by categories and subject area, teaching Bloom's Taxonomy, Special Needs, Multiple Intelligences, many teacher resources, and more. It's a must see.
itunes Courses for Professional Development
Integrating Ipads Into the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom

Creative Problem Solving
Apps for the Classroom
Creating a Culture of Innovation
Classroom 2.0 Live
Classroom 2.0 Live includes many interesting lessons, including using the iPad in the classroom, Weebly, Screencast, and has Featured Teacher interviews
Tech Edge for iPad Ed
Includes many lessons for everything you would want to know about using the iPad in the classroom
Research at Notre Dame
This doesn't really teach a student how to do research, but it includes excellent examples of the power of transformative, interdisciplinary research at Notre Dame that aims to change lives, solve problems, and improve the human condition. Students may find some of these inspirational so they can see that problem solving research is NOT and in our classes should not be, merely an academic exercise.
Talking Technology in the Classroom
This is many interviews and discussions regarding the use of technology in the classroom.
Apps and Tools for LFA Teachers
There really isn't anything original inside of this one, but I put this on here to show that it's important to not just go by the title when searching, and also you might see an app or two inside that you like but we have covered all or most of them elsewhere.
Short iPad Tutorials
Has many recommended apps, most that can be found elsewhere, but this is cool because it has the short tutorials
Brain Teasers by Khan Academy
Gotta Love It
Social and Emotional Learning
This one has good lessons and information about gifted -- look toward the bottom for the gifted selections
Project Based Learning
Self Explanatory


Math From iTunes U
Visualizing Data
This is above our level but you might check out a couple of the podcasts inside to possibly to stir an idea you can use with your students for how they might properly share data. These are Ted Talks which are always interesting.
Beginning Algebra
Lessons that could be used for differentiated instruction. Just another tool in the math differentiation bag.
Algebra I
Same as above
Khan Academy Algebra
Hard to beat Khan Academy -- Flipped Classroom but also differentiation and professional development
Khan Academy - Arithmetic
Third Grade Math
These are podcasts for the Tennessee State Standards but is worth a look for ideas
Fourth Grade Math
Fifth Grade Math
Sixth Grade Math
Seventh Grade Math
The Problem of the Day - Fourth Grade Math

Mathematics - Making the Invisible Visible
Has five podcasts that discuss the origin and development of math - a different idea - from Stanford so perhaps too high but take a look
A Short Account of the History of Mathematics
Review of Descartes and many others who influenced the development of math - again, a different idea for your math students or even a research project

Math Apps
Algebra Genie
Khan Academy Pre-Algebra
Fraction Basics
Fractions and Decimals
Fractions !!!
It's not possible to look at all of these apps - Fractions !!! has excellent reviews from educators who teach many different grade levels
Oh No Fractions
This app is highly recommended online
Math on the Spot
Long Division Touch
Includes logic and critical thinking
32HD - Great app
Nine Gaps
Quick Graph

ViHart -- She does cool math lessons in an original manner on YouTube
ViHart - 9.999... reasons that .999... = 1

Lumosity Brain Trainer
IQ Pro ($8.99)

Cognitive Test Prep
CogAT Prep
CogAT Mobile
CogAT Practice Test - K and 1
CogAT Practice Test - Grades 7 and 8
Little Solver - Figural Analogies
Qwizful HD - Test Prep
Analogies for Kids
Fit Brains

Educreations - at the top of many lists - interactive white board
PBLE - Problem Based Learning Experiences
T Charts
Essential Atlas
Mobile Learn
Slide Shark
Encyclopedia Brittanica

Language Arts
Popplet Lite


Social Studies
American Dreams - Speeches and Documents in US History
USA Presidents
Anne's Amsterdam

Nova Elements

Teacher Help
Teacher Kit