How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Wiki
  1. Go to the video on that you want to embed
  2. Look for the "Embed" field on the video page
  3. Go to your wiki page click edit
  4. Click the widget button
  5. Click "video" or "other html" if your video is from TeacherTube
  6. Copy the text from youtube into the box located in the widget
  7. Click Preview to preview the video or click Save

Embed Other Media

Add your favorite media clips and applications to your wiki in three easy steps:
  1. Go to your favorite video clip, podcast, or embedded application. Anything fromGoogle Calendar to Odeo to to TeacherTube to YouTube!
  2. Find the HTML code to paste into your site. This will be found in a text box labeled "Embed", "Embed HTML", "Add to My Site/Blog", "Link to this page", or similar.
  3. Paste in the HTML in to the "other html" widget and click "Preview" to see how it will look. When you save your changes by clicking the "Save"button, your media clip or application will appear in your Wikispaces page.