The idea for this page was derived from a presentation from David Warlick
And from 'Cool Cat Teacher' Vicki Davis: Baby Steps for Beginners, Part 1.
Other sources used to create this presentation:

5C's of 21st Century Learning:
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Cross-Cultural Relationship Building

Web 2.0- it may take a while
Stage 1 of Stages of PLN adoption: Immersion - Immerse yourself into networks.
Blogs, Wikis and Social Bookmarking
My Blog, This Wiki and Delicious
  • My Bookmarks - see what websites I have found and chosen to share
  • Note that you can go to my blog or contact me via email
  • Search my bookmarks by the tags I assign
    • Future - conduct multiple tag search, copy URL and distribute for quick resource creation (updates automatically)
  • Look at My Network and their recent shared websites
    • Choose a particular person - look at who is in their network (and so forth and so on
  • Look at my subscriptions
Time to get your own account
  • Helpis your friend
  • Settings for everything else
    • Upload favorites from your browser
    • break down your network into groups
    • create link rolls for your blog (we may be ahead of ourselves here0
  • Bookmark your favorite link - Tag it
    • Copy text prior to bookmarking. Place the copied text in the link notes.
  • Go back to my bookmarks
    • Add me to your network. Make sure you check 'OK'
    • Add your neighbor to your netork
    • See if you can find one of The Six Thousand.

Have a little fun as you grow your network:
"Network" your personal life:
Get a Google Account
Set up your iGoogle Page
Google Toolbar
  • Google Quick Link
  • News
  • Spell Check
  • Autofill
  • Google bookmarks
    • Tags
Other Sources:
Moving ahead with Students :
The future of reading:

Other Ideas: