Mason Schools Wikispace
In order to join your teacher’s wikispace, you must first join the Mason Schools Wikispace and then request to become a member of your teacher’s space.

1. Join the Mason Schools Wikispace

Go to //
Enter this information:
same as your network login
your student ID

Click: Join

If you have previously joined the Mason Schools Wikispace for another class. click ‘Sign in here’, next to ‘Already a member?’.

2. Request to join your teacher’s space (TestSpace for us)

Click on your teacher’s page link from the Mason Schools Homepage
or go to your teacher’s Edline page and click on the link there.
Sign In.
You will get this prompt each time you return to the space.

On your initial attempt to visit the space, you must ask to join. Write your full name in the comment box and click Request Membership.


Your teacher will grant you access.
Return to the space through the link on Edline.