Excel 2007
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Notes for training:
Get Familiar
Walk around outside of interface
Terminology: Ribbon, Tabs, Groups, Commands
Crabby Office Lady: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/HA102337801033.aspx
Please use correct Terminology with Students
Font, Alignment and wrap, Number, Style, Cells (format), Edit (details later)
Contextual Tabs
Dialogue Box Launcher
Quick Access Toolbar and Shortcuts (Key Tips)
Minimize, Restore, Close (excel or current spreadsheet)
Views- Page Layout - no need for print preview.
Add Headers and Footers and hide white spaces in page layout
Workbook = several worksheets
Show/Hide Ruler. Split Screen horizontal or vertical.

Getting Started Tab
Interactive Guide: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/HA101491511033.aspx
Training: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/HA102189871033.aspx

Practice getting familiar:
Wrap Text
mini toolbar and right click selection
Page Layout View
Cells-Format-Autofit Column Width
Or Double click on right edge of column header
Show/Hide White Space in page layout view
Customize Quick Access toolbar

Get to Work with Excel

Office Button: open, Save, Excel Options
Insert Column - Format or right click
Investigate the format menu
Format and Edit Data (live preview available)
Add Headers and Footers
Print - Page Layout view and Page Layout Ribbon
Note Print Area, Breaks, Backgrounds?, Print Titles
New Workbooks search templates

Practice everyday activities-Consoco Sales Data
Adjust Column widths by format or double click column header
Change number format of quantity to $, etc.
Move to open space and type your birthday - change to long date to find day you were born
investigate fill down and fill across with the dates and other sequences
Sort: A-Z, by column (expand/not expand)
insert a column to left of Supplier column
Insert allows you to choose row,column,left,right,up,down
Type in column header (Category)
enter category names Dairy products, Grains/Cereals
Autofit column width
Investigate cells group commands
Enter Sum
Go to C52
type '=' this says you are entering a formula
type S and choose sum from the drop down
Note that highlighting the function describes it's function
double click then add (C2:C50), Enter
or highlight numbers to add
Play with autosum on C51
Go to Formulas tab
Precedents, dependents, watch window and shoe formula
Add Header and Footer
Page Layout view-click to add header 'June Sales Report'
Add a footer- Page then click Page Number in Design Ribbon
discuss ribbon options
Finishing touches
Add Rows - place cursor in first row and cells-insert or right click
In A1 type Contoso Sales Data, Enter
Select A1-E1, choose styles-Title
Merge and Center and Bold
Investigate Print Options

New File Format
new features (65,536 x 256) to (1,048,576 x16,384), safer files
safer files, reduced size, more useful data (XML)
Can easily import data to word, excel or access
.xlxs, .xlsm, .xltx-template, .xlsb - binary, .xls