Mason City Schools will be replacing First Class Email with a new and improved email system called Microsoft Exchange on Monday, March 26th.
District Email mail will not be available on March 26th and further interruptions in service are possible during Mason's spring break week.


How will I get to the new email system?

1. Go to
Note: This link will only become active after Microsoft Exchange is set up.
2. Log in with your network username and password.

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will stay the same. Example:

Will I still be able to view old email, contacts and calendar events in First Class?

Yes. First Class will remain on your school computers until October 2012. This will allow you to reference old messages, contacts, and events in the First Class calendars. However, First Class will not be able to send or receive email messages beginning on March 26th.

Will Microsoft Exchange work on my smart phone?

Yes, Microsoft Exchange email accounts can be directly accessed from smart phones. Read More

Can I export information from First Class?

Yes, you can Export an archive of the emails from first class

Right click on an email or a folder that contains emails
Select Export..
Select an existing folder or create a new folder. Click OK
Sub-folders will be created for each message with these contents:
A folder with any attachments to the message
A word document with the message text
XML and plain text files of the message
The windows search feature allows you to find items within the archived folders

Can I save contact lists?

Yes. Select one or more contacts in First Class.
File→Export. Select For use with Outlook (.csv). Click OK.