We have Discovery Streaming for Grades K-8 at Mason.

Helpful Tutorials about using Discovery Streaming

  • Login through CometNet or www.discoveryeducation.com
  • Getting Started has tutorials for logging in, basic search, stream and download video
  • Quick Start. Click on Teacher Center and watch a video through the Calendar or through the Atlas.
    • Good Class Starters or extensions to lessons. Multimodal instruction can be more effective than unimodal instruction.
    • Calendar: Links to events that are related to a specific date. Can be a current date or any date.
    • Atlas: Select a country to quickly view videos about that country's culture, government, history or natural world.
    • STEM Connect: Career Videos and STEM learning activities

Search for Videos to show in your Classroom

  • Choose Streaming
  • Use the Search Box at the top of the page or use the Subject/Grade Search option on the left side of page.
  • Note that there is much more than videos, such as animations, audio, games, images, math explanations, etc.
  • Your search should result in many videos. Hover over each video to see a pop-up of that video. Select the Video.
    • Choose the stream file type and download type type. Recommend Windows Media Player.
    • You may choose to share the link through sites like Delicious.
  • Save the video for later use: Place a check next to the desired video segment and add to My Content. You can add folders.
    • Show the video by chossing My DE and selecting the video from My Content.
    • Note there is a citations tab - for citing the videos.
  • You may choose to save a back-up copy by downloading a copy to your documents.
  • Do not save to your h-drive because it will take up too much space.
  • Be sure to delete videos from My Documents when they are no longer needed.

Once you have downloaded a video you can:

  • embed that video into a powerpoint.
  • edit the video using Windows Movie Maker (you can even allow students to do this)

Discovery Streaming is more than video clips

50 ways to integrate Discovery Streaming - document with 50 ideas for use.
Assignment Builder- crearte an assignment around images, videos, etc. Distribute via URL. Gradebook tracks who views assignment
Writing Prompt Builder - similar to assignment.
Quiz Builder - add multiple choice, yes/no or essay questions to assignemnts. Studeents can view correct answers or can re-take quiz.
Calendar- contains videos pertinent to specific dates in calendar.
Discovery Atlas Interactive Map - click on regions of a world map to view related videos
Lesson Plan Library - search plans that others have shared
Discovery Educator Network - collaborate with other discovery education users

Media Share
Upload Video, Images or Files.
You choose to share with building, District or National.
Generate a URL or embed video into Wiki or Powerpoint.
See video uploaded by other users and manage favorites. Even has RSS feed.
Offered now as a trial but can be accessed by participating in the Star Program

Matt Monjan from Discovery Streaming has many resources avbailable at the Geeky Bird House.
These sites offer tutorials for integrating discovery streaming in the classroom.
I have referenced these resources for many of the ideas above.